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​Washington On-Site Sewage Association

WOSSA Legislation and Public Advocacy
For many of you, what starts out as a fairly innocuous meeting announcement, sent via e-mail and not looked at for a day or two if at all, can have a tremendous impact on service providers in our industry and much of our ability to have any coordinated if any response.  

Much of WOSSA’s primary focus and mission is on education of the industry and those closely related like realtors; but our history comes out of our participation and leadership in a legislative initiative and defense that put in place the current designer’s licensing program.

In the current climate, a lot can happen when you’re busy trying to hold your business together and as a small business owner, you may not be real connected with some of the changes behind the scenes that ultimately have a huge impact on your business.  It gets even harder when our ability to communicate with each other is overrun by the “process”.  There are a lot of industry groups that are participating in local management and rule making that impact our service industries directly, but there is a lot more going on that we need to be vigilant about that affects us all….and finding a way to have a “red-alert” communication to things that affect our industry directly is becoming more obvious.

Legislation Information