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WOSSA Membership - Information

Washington On-Site Sewage Association Membership

For over 20 years WOSSA's goal has been to promote professional excellence through education, advocacy and the exchange of knowledge. Your membership and participation help attain that goal.

Membership in WOSSA signifies that you belong to the only statewide association for on-site wastewater professionals in Washington. It gives you the opportunity to take advantage of numerous benefits, including being a voice and promoting the on-site wastewater industry in a variety of important ways. The industry needs a vocal and visible association to be representing it - WOSSA with your help, is that organization.

Below are just a few of the accomplishments we achieved in 2011 with membership support, each of which has been an area WOSSA has focused on during these tough economic times.

  • WOSSA successfully passed a Bill which allowed for a revision in the administration of licensing fees, that will result in as much as a 75% reduction in the State Licensing and Certificate fees for On-site Designers and Inspectors in 2012.
  • WOSSA successfully defeated a bill introduced as legislation that would have reduced O&M inspection requirements on homeowners, which would have adversely affected our industry.
  • WOSSA opposed legislation being introduced that would have negatively impacted potential work for designers and installers using proprietary manufacturer's devices.
  • Expanded the WOSSA On-site Certification Testing Program to include a total of eight major Washington State Counties

.As you can see from the list above, WOSSA is working on a lot of areas that are impacting our industry. As a supporting member of our industry through your professional Association, WOSSA diligently works for you as the “Voice of the Industry.” WOSSA continues to be a leading advocate promoting the interests of on-site community at all levels of state government.

Membership Benefits
Here are a few of the key reasons why it’s important that you renew your membership or join WOSSA for 2012. We know that for many of you, times are tough and we are working hard to make sure you get value from your membership. Your support will continue to provide the benefits it has in the past, such as:

  • Network and Share Expertise - Tap into a network of hundreds of industry professionals and experts from around the state to share on-the job experiences, to request information on septic issues, discuss local topics of concern, and to work together to improve processes. WOSSA also offers member support for business consulting and safety management programs
  • Enhance Your Own Expertise - By advancing your skills through professional training; you improve your performance and your value to your customers and/or employer. WOSSA offers a variety of unique educational programs and self-study materials covering the many aspects of the on-site industry. Most WOSSA-sponsored programs provide the opportunity to earn your Continuing Education Units (CEUs) or Professional Development Hours (PDHs). WOSSA has provided training to over 16,000 industry professionals since 1997; 1,100 of which were in 2011. WOSSA members receive a 30% discount on education costs.
  • Members Scholarship Program - Members only access to our Scholarship Program for your children, toward secondary education. A program that has delivered over $80,000 in scholarship grants since inception and $8,000 in 2012.
  • Be the Voice of the Industry - WOSSA continues to be a leading advocate promoting the interests of the onsite community at all levels of state government. Visit our Advocacy page to stay up-to-date on legislative and regulatory changes and get information on key contacts at your local, state, federal and provincial levels.
  • Self-Study Programs - WOSSA Distance learning online, providing a significant cost savings to you and the industry, through reduced travel, time and convenience. We are continuing to develop further courses for our online distance learning program.
  • Affordable Liability Insurance - Liability, Bonding, E&O insurance specific to the onsite industry with an average reduction in premiums of 25%, and up to 12% in additional discounts for WOSSA members, through Watercolor Management Insurance, a WOSSA preferred provider.
  • Promote Professional Excellence - Improving the delivery of onsite services is a major goal for WOSSA, and our quarterly publication of the WOSSA “Pipeline” magazine has been established to enhance the effectiveness of our industry professionals and their competencies in all areas of on-site septic systems. Our publication reaches more than 1,700 industry professionals throughout the State.
  • The WOSSA Executive Board – As a member you obtain voting privileges for election of WOSSA Leadership. With membership you also gain Eligibility to serve on the WOSSA Board and can truly become the “Voice of the Industry”.

We ask that you take this opportunity to renew your current membership or to become a valuable new member of our Association.

Renew Your Membership or Become a New Member of WOSSA

The links above provide helpful information about the benefits of membership, types of membership available, and pricing. There's also a link to the online and printable application, or you can click on "Join WOSSA Now" at the top of the page. Already a member? Use the Members Only link for access to more tools and resources. WOSSA is your primary resource for on-site industry related knowledge!

Following are some of the important initiatives that we are working toward in 2012 for you!

  • Development of a recognized mentoring program for our industry for future designers in cooperation with the state DOL.
  • Regional meetings and training events to provide value to industry by cost savings over travel.
  • Accreditation of the training center to IACET standards for defined CEU's and work with the LHJ's to standardize the ongoing CEU requirements.
  • Work in the upcoming 2012 legislative session to watchdog Olympia in its efforts to pass legislation that negatively impacts the industry and our wastewater infrastructure.
  • Continued expansion of the WOSSA/LHJ testing program to include more LHJ's and reciprocity of specialty license certification for members and industry.
  • Partnering with the Proprietary Device Manufacturers to develop and provide O&M certification for various Proprietary Technologies required by many counties to do work in those areas.