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Industry Certification Testing

WOSSA is presently doing the certification testing for Installer, Pumper (O&M Level 1), and Specialist (O&M Level 2) for a number of counties.

  • Island (Installer exam pending)
  • Skagit
  • Snohomish
  • Clallam
  • Kitsap
  • Pierce
  • Thurston
  • Lewis
  • Mason
  • Cowlitz
  • Clark
  • Skamania

We are working with other counties to bring them onto the program, so call or check back often. Reciprocity exists between these LHJ's for this exam, meaning you only have to take the test once, but additional requirements for education (CEU's), experience, insurance and bonding are required and may be different. Contact your LHJ for more specifics on these questions click on the “County LHJ Links” Button.

Your Local LHJ

Study Guidance and Links

There are a number of "content" areas for the exam that you are taking. The Installer exam and the Specialist (O&M Level 2) exams have a 50 question, multiple choice component. In addition, the O&M level 2 and Installer exams have a supplemental exam. Pass/Fail on the exam is 70%.

The regulatory based content areas of all exams are based in state code. Local code variations for LHJ's are not covered in this exam as part of the content areas.

For O&M Level 2: The supplemental test has a combination of multiple choice, short word answers and a math component that tests your understanding of system component volumes for both standard rectangular and cylindrical tanks. Press the button labeled “Math Study Guide” for a practice study guide on math for both level 1 and level 2.

If you are testing for the Operations and Maintenance (Level 1) exam, focus content areas are relative to frequency of inspections, critical and essential inspection points and techniques for system components.

For O&M Level 2, evaluation of systems for problem solving are additional content areas of focus.
Review information for both Installers and O&M testers.

Other study Resources can be reviewed using the links below. These resources are for both Installers and Operations and Maintenance test takers. If you are an Installer, focus content areas are related to the installation issues, setbacks, construction detail and orifice sizing, site preparation and consideration for topography.

Installer and O&M Test Study Material - Click on the links below, to download the study material:

Important Note: Proprietary Systems are not a testing content area for any exams proctored by WOSSA

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