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2012 WOSSA Education Scholarship Program

We are proud to announce the 2012 Scholarship award recipients.

1st Place: Haley Bronson* - $2,150

2nd Place: Naomi Morgan - $1,000

$500 was awarded to the following:

Kyle Mitchell*, Karl Oman,
Kristen Phillips, Colin Wheeler*,
Nick Tower*, Yuxuan (Marta) Wang

Additional $150 early submittal incentive awards:

Savannah Warren, Matt Villwock, James Huard, Adrian Davila

(* also received the early application incentive)

Haley Bronson recipient of the 1st place WOSSA Education Scholarship Award and her thank you letter to the Members of WOSSA

WOSSA Has a New Addition to the Training Center Display!
WOSSA would like to thank all who were involved with providing and setting our latest teaching aid within the training center display. Delta Environmental and Jeannie Yackley of Goode and Associates (the Washington State Rep for Delta), have generously donated an ECOPOD unit to WOSSA for hands-on demonstration here in Puyallup. Likewise, Infiltrator and HB Jaeger were kind enough to assemble this new technology within one of Infiltrators IM-Series septic tanks and deliver it to the training center.

Also, a special thanks to A Advanced Septic Services for setting and installing the ECOPOD, for the use of their staff and the contribution of the necessary equipment to complete the project.

WOSSA "Pipeline" Magazine

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"Pipeline" Spring 2013
"Pipeline" Winter 2013
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"Pipeline" Summer 2012
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WOSSA "Septic Solutions" Radio Broadcasts

Length of Broadcast
Listen to "Septic Solutions" Radio Broadcast
Septic Radio #1 - Part A
Andrew Gunia Flooding, Field Segment

22 Min.  
Septic Radio #1 - Part B
Andrew Gunia Flooding, Field Segment 

23 Min.
Septic Radio #2 - Part A John Thomas WOSSA History, Field Segment

23 Min.
Septic Radio #2 - Part B John Thomas WOSSA History, Field Segment

20 Min.
Septic Radio #3 - Part A JR Inman Consumer Tips, Selecting Service Providers 23 Min.
Septic Radio #3 - Part B JR Inman Consumer Tips, Selecting Service Providers 20 Min.
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