WOSSA Manufacturers - Suppliers

Manufacturers & Suppliers

Member Company Company Description Phone
Bio-Microbics, Inc.
Onsite Wastewater Treatment Products 800.753.3278
Aquatest, Inc.
The NIBBLER 800.221.3159
Aquatest, Inc.
Berg Vault Company Offers a full line of on-site septic system components, from septic tanks to gravel-less drainfield chambers  360.424.4999
Peggy Schultz 
Bio-Microbics, Inc. Onsite Wastewater Treatment Products 800.753.3278
Delta Environmental Total Onsite Wastewater Solutions 360.736.5218
Jeannie Yackley
Goode & Assoc.
Geoflow Onsite Drip Products 800.828.3388
H.D. Fowler Company Onsite Wastewater Product Supplier 425.746.8400
H.D. Fowler
Infilitrator Systems, Inc. QUICK4 PLUS STD Chambers 888.237.4344
Brad Routh
Jay Homan
Jet, Inc. Advanced Wastewater Treatment 800.321.6960
Jet, Inc.
Matzke Sales, Inc. Representative for Numerous Manufactures of Onsite Wasterwater Products 253.872.2029
Matzke Company
Netafim Onsite Drip Dispersal System 800.323.4350
Matzke Company
NuWater, by Enviro-Flo, Inc. Advanced Treatment Systems 360.687.7668
Nathan Ek
Ek Engineering
Orenco, Inc. AdvanTex Treatment Systems 800.348.9843
Orenco, Inc.
Polylok, Inc. One Stop Shop for Onsite Wastewater Products 877.765.9565
Premier Plastics, Inc. Gravity Dosing with FLOUT 800.661.4473
Premier Plastics
RepCo Sales Agency Manufacturer representative for several onsite equipment manufacturers 503.877.3726
RepCo Sales
Roth Global The Roth MultiTank is the first tank of its kind. It can be used for water cistern, pump, holding, rainwater or septic tank. 530.864.0438
David Holmes
Roth Global
Salcor, Inc. UV Disinfection 760.731.0745
Salcor, Inc. 
Tuff Tiger Drip Dispersal Products 866.770.7785
Tuff Tiger
Watercolor Management, Inc. WOSSA Endorsed Liability
and Property Insurance 
Jennifer Fronk
Watercolor Mgmt.
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