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Washington State has approximately 1.5 million decentralized wastewater systems in use, it is our mission as an Association, with the help of our members, consumers and local government; to ensure that we put the water back into our communities the way we found it. Helping to replenish nature’s support system with a long term sustainable approach to wastewater disposal and treatment.

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DOH / EPA Septic Smart Week
As you may know, in the past several years recognition of on-site systems has been elevated nationally through the
EPA’s SepticSmart program that educates homeowners about proper septic system care and maintenance all year long. In addition, its online resource for industry practitioners, local governments and community organizations provides tools to educate clients and residents about proper care and options for onsite wastewater systems.
The program has been growing nationally and you can look for more detail about it  in your WOSSA Pipeline next week. You can go to the WOSSA website to check out some links and information that you can use to educate your customers with flyers and other informational resources available at no cost.
Our state Governor has signed on and has supported the program with a proclamation declaring next week "Septic's Week" !
Let's go out and raise a stink about it!

Septic Smart Week Downloads:

Septic Smart Week Proclamation

Did you Know

Don't Overload the Commode

Protect It and Inspect It

Think at the Sink

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WOSSA Developing Industry Specific Confined Space Entry Training           

We are excited to announce that WOSSA in collaboration with the Washington Department of Labor and industries SHIP Grant Program has created a CSE Training Program for workers in the On-Site Industry. Click on the photos below to view the WOSSA videos and interviews filmed as a part of the training.

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The 2015 Fall - 2016 Spring Training Schedule is now Available, Click Link Below!


       2015 - 2016 Schedule
                 Click Here 

     Upcoming Training Events

WAC 246-272A Review / Exam Prep   10.3-4.15
Puyallup, WA
M-301 Certification of Proprietary Devices   10.6-7.15
Puyallup, WA
M-102 Operations and Maintenance Basics   10.14.15
Puyallup, WA
O-204 Electrical Control Panels   10.29.15
Mt. Vernon, WA
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