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​Washington On-Site Sewage Association

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"Voice of the Industry" for Members, Consumers, Our Communities & the Environment"

Washington State has approximately 1.5 million decentralized wastewater systems in use, it is our mission as an Association, with the help of our members, consumers and local government; to ensure that we put the water back into our communities the way we found it. Helping to replenish nature’s support system with a long term sustainable approach to wastewater disposal and treatment.

Voice of the INDUSTRY

Training Classes

Oct. 18th

Nov. 7th-9th

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22nd Annual WOSSA Conference

January 26th - 27th, 2018

Mark your calendars!

WOSSA's Quarterly Board Meeting

Date: October 18, 2017

Time: 1pm - 4pm

Location: WOSSA Training Center

2606 W Pioneer, Bldg 1045

Puyallup, WA 98371

All current WOSSA members are invited to attend.

M-102 Maintenance Basics


CAD Design

Nov. 1st

Oct. 25th

O&M Cert. for Proprietary Devices

For over 20 years WOSSA's goal has been to promote professional excellence through education, advocacy...

Whether you’re an employer or someone looking to get hired on, having the skills, attitude and knowledge...


Calendar of Events

In a deliberate effort to raise awareness and reduce workplace injuries related to

Pathogen Exposure, Confined Space Entry, OSHA Construction Focus Four: Falls, Caught-in or between, Struck by and Electrocution

WOSSA has developed new training resources that focus on workers in the On-Site industry. This training delivers both knowledge and practical skills to address the numerous hazards that are unique to our industry.

These videos were developed by WOSSA as an integral part of these safety training classes.

O-204 Electrical Control Panels

It is always a challenge to find a quality service provider within any trade...

Washington On-Site Sewage Association MembershipRecently, Jerry Stonebridge, John Thomas...

M-201 Troubleshooting

Oct. 10th-11th